Release Date Announced for Titanfall’s Expedition DLC

on May 13, 2014 7:28 PM

Earlier this week we reported on the imminent release of the Titanfall DLC called “Expedition.” While we had information on what the DLC contained we didn’t have a solid release date to give to you guys. Today, Respawn Entertainment has announced an official release date which is May 15 for the Xbox One and PC.

Here’s a quote from myself detailing what the three maps contain:

The Expedition DLC has three new maps: “Swampland” brings a more organic feel to the battles. There are giant trees for pilots to use to traverse the terrain and for Titans to use for cover. “Run Off” takes place in an industrial district which has many different elevated battlegrounds. Finally, “War Games” takes place inside of a simulator. This map emphasizes using the environment to get the drop on enemies.

While this DLC now has a release date for the PC and Xbox One there is still no solid date for the Xbox 360 version which is slated for “June.”

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