Harvest Moon Mobile Title for Lil’ Farmers Gets a Release Date

Harvest Moon Mobile Title for Lil’ Farmers Gets a Release Date

Rising Star Games, Natsume, and Daredevil Development have partnered together to create Harvest Moon Lil' Farmers, a mobile game for children.

Publishers Rising Star Games and Natsume have partnered with Daredevil Development to create a mobile installment in the Harvest Moon franchise titled Harvest Moon Lil’ Farmers.

For the franchise’s 20th anniversary, Harvest Moon Lil’ Farmers will release worldwide for iOS and Android devices on May 25. The game has been developed to be simple enough for young children to play alone or to be played alongside an adult. As is common in Harvest Moon games, players will focus on raising their farm to a prosperity by caring for animals and the land in this digital playset. Here are a few of the key features players can expect.

  • The ultimate Harvest Moon sandbox! Enjoy an intuitive interface with no text to read – a perfect playset for pre-schoolers.
  • Grow veggies in the vegetable patch, planting seeds and then helping them grow them with tender loving care!
  • Shear sheep, collect eggs, milk your cow and more as you care for and nurture all of your animals.
  • Keep the locals happy by providing a wide range of produce in your farm shop.

Although this is the first mobile game for Daredevil Development, the team is no stranger to developing games for children, including Postman Pat, Bob the Builder, and Paddington Bear. In a statement issued by Rising Star Games, the publisher explains how each team has been involved in creating the mobile Harvest Moon experience.

“We worked in close partnership with the series’ originator Natsume for complete authenticity, and partnered with developer Daredevil for its impressive experience in delivering engaging and kid-friendly experiences based on trusted children’s brands. We can’t wait to share the outstanding results of this combined project with youngsters across the globe.”

When it releases, Harvest Moon Lil’ Farmers will cost $3.99. There will be no in-app purchases or microtransactions available.

Check out the gallery of screenshots below for an idea of what the game will include.