Release Date and Yellow Turban Rebellion DLC Announced for Total War: Three Kingdoms

Release Date and Yellow Turban Rebellion DLC Announced for Total War: Three Kingdoms

SEGA and Relic have announced a release date for Total War: Three Kingdoms along with the Yellow Turban Rebellion DLC that introduces three new warlords.

Total War: Three Kingdoms will release on March 7, 2019. This will be the first Total War game to take place in China and allows players to choose from legendary Warlords and unite China under them. An Early Adopter Bonus, Collector’s Edition and Limited Edition have also been announced alongside the release date.

For those who purchase Total War: Three Kingdoms through an approved retailer before or during the first week of release will get the Yellow Turban Rebellion DLC. This introduces three new playable Warlords for the Grand Campaign and feature bandits, zealots, and commoners as their units. This DLC is based on the Yellow Turban Rebellion that took place during the reign Emperor Ling of the Han Dynasty. Though their rebellion failed, Ling died soon after and his brother, who took over, was assassinated. Ling’s son was set up as a puppet for the warlord Dong Zhuo and sparked the civil war that Three Kingdoms takes inspiration from.

Each warlord in this DLC comes with their own skill tree, units, buildings, and tech tree, all built around an aspect of Taoist enlightenment.

He Yi represents the Domain of People. He’s a Yellow Turban commander from Yu province and, Like the original founder of the Yellow Turban movement, he is a Healer, and empathises with the suffering of the common people. He is able to rally vast masses to the cause of the rebellion.

Gong Du is a Veteran. Originally a bandit leader in the Changsha area, he aided Ou Xing in his rebellion against Sun Jian. He is a former military commander, and something of a charming brigand: well-liked and popular with the troops. He is dedicated to claiming the spoils from the tyrants he overthrows.

Huang Shao is a Scholar, and a Yellow Turban commander from Yu Province. He is the only leader to have met the original founders of the Yellow Turban rebellion. As such, he best understands their spiritual teachings, and aims to ensure the rebellion doesn’t lose its way on the road to realising The Great Peace.

A Collector’s Edition comes with a 24cm Guan Yu Statue, an art book, a premium game case, a double-sided poster with the campaign map and warlord poster, and the Yellow Turban Rebellion DLC. The Collector’s Edition will cost $159.99 USD with free delivery.

A Limited Edition will also be available and includes the premium game case and double sided poster included in the Collector’s Edition. Those who purchase the Limited Edition during or before the week of release will also get the Yellow Turban Rebellion like everyone else.

The full list of approved retailers can be found on the Total War site, with the most common being GameStop and Amazon with some region-specific game stores as well. You can watch the reveal trailer for the Yellow Turban Rebellion DLC below, as well as an image gallery of some promotional art. Total War: Three Kingdoms was delayed to Spring 2019 in June of this year, and you can check out both our preview of the game and an interview with the developers from E3 2018.