Mobile Devices are in for City Wide Destruction with release of MonstroCity: Rampage!

Mobile Devices are in for City Wide Destruction with release of MonstroCity: Rampage!

MonstroCity: Rampage! is what happens when monster movies meet modern pop-culture references. The Canadian studio Alpha Dog Games have combined an interesting mix of monster collection and creation. The game currently is out for both iOS and Android devices with a free-to-play model of distribution.

Missions will have you taking multiple giant homewreckers to destroy everything in sight. You’ll be tearing down the creations of a certain ‘Dr Spotnik’ so you can become the ‘greatest Mad Scientist of all time’. Of course, you need to make things with science in order to receive that title, so obviously you need to make your own monsters.

Each battle leads to the recovery of DNA. These building blocks of monstrous life come in 5 distinct flavors. These in turn determine the rarity of the creatures you splice together. You’ll see a lot of familiar designs based on the history of giant menaces in film and popular culture.

For instance monsters like the giant plant Venus McFly stand out as well as the Rampage inspired Furious George. As the release says, ‘There are over 20 monsters to collect with new monsters added every month’.

There’s also a multiplayer component to the game with players able to form secret ‘Syndicates’ with their friends and join epic battles with 50v50 monster mashes. All of this will be tracked via leaderboards to see who exactly is the the maddest of the scientists.

World domination contains these other additions:

  • Monstrous Tactics – Create wacky new Monsters with looted DNA.
  • Play with Friends – Team up with other players in massive 50v50 syndicates.
  • Builder & Bulldozer – Loot gold and power to expand and defend your city.
  • Top of the Food Chain – Compete against millions of players around the world!

MonstroCity: Rampage! can be found on the respective stores for iOS and Android. The graphics are extremely impressive and colorful so newer devices are required here. The game does look quite promising but the free-to-play aspect of the game might make that DNA collection grind a real wallet-stealer.

The launch trailer can be found below: