Release Time For Dead By Daylight Chapter 21: Hellraiser

A new Chapter begins in Dead By Daylight!

By Kyle Knight

September 5, 2021

The waiting is almost over as the Dead By Daylight developers have revealed the exact release time and date for Chapter 21: Hellraiser.

Some Dead By Daylight players will have been lucky enough to jump into Chapter 21 already via the PTB servers available in the game. But if PTB servers aren’t your sort of thing, you’ll be pleased to know that there are only a few days left to go until the next Dead By Daylight Chapter finally releases.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dead By Daylight Chapter 21: Hellraiser, including the release time and date.

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Dead by Daylight | Hellraiser | Pinhead Reveal

Dead by Daylight | Hellraiser | Pinhead Reveal

When Does Dead By Daylight Chapter 21: Hellraiser Release?

According to the official DBD website, Chapter 21: Hellraiser will release on September 7th at 9AM PT / 12PM ET / 5PM BST.

Fans can set a reminder for the release of Chapter 21 by heading to the DBD website.

As mentioned previously, Chapter 21: Hellraiser is available right now via the PTB servers, but a full release of the next Chapter will arrive for everyone at the date and time mentioned above.

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Dead By Daylight Chapter 21: Hellraiser

After months of speculation, the DBD developers finally announced that Pinhead from the popular horror franchise Hellraiser would be the next villain arriving in Dead By Daylight.

Shortly after the announcement, Chapter 21 was released for Player Test Build servers on August 17th. But it’s time for all DBD players to raise hell when Chapter 21 releases for everyone this week.

The update will include plenty of bug fixes and changes, but most importantly, a brand new killer.

In a recent blog post, the developers revealed that Pinhead is set to receive some adjustments for the upcoming release compared to the PTB version. To begin with, the way in which Pinhead’s chains spawn has been updated to be a little more consistent.

As well, if a chain is broken by the environment or Pinhead himself, a new chain will spawn considerably faster than before.

There were also plenty of other changes being made to Pinhead for the full release of Chapter 21. Find out more details in the developer’s monthly update.

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