The Release Trailer for Jagged Alliance: Rage! Sets Up a Wartime Story

The Release Trailer for Jagged Alliance: Rage! Sets Up a Wartime Story

Classic turn-based strategy series Jagged Alliance is making its way back to PC and consoles with a new story-driven trailer.

Long-running tactical turn-based franchise Jagged Alliance is returning to the fold with a brand new spin-off game concentrating on the effects of post-traumatic stress. This deep strategic entry in the series is simply entitled Jagged Alliance: Rage!

Set on a lush green island 20 years after the original, HandyGames’ Jagged Alliance: Rage! pits a rag-tag team of mercenaries against an evil drug lord and his swarms of military grade minions. With a wealth of combat tactics on their side, the squad must advance by any means necessary.

Each of the game’s six characters has their own individual characteristics and abilities to give them the advantage in the heat of battle. Alcoholic Russian powerhouse Ivan Dolvich is a master in automatic weapons, while engineer Victoria Waters excels when using grenades and knives. However, each of these hardline veterans also has their own personal downfalls. The results of a lifetime’s worth of war has taken its toll on their mental and physical health. For example, sniper Charlene Higgens has spent time alone in the jungle grieving her dead husband. This has left her somewhat frail and unable to compete in physically demanding tasks.

The gritty wartime tale of Jagged Alliance: Rage! is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC featuring a 2-player co-op mode.