Latest Star Trek Online Devblog Gives Full Scoop on Legacy of Romulus' Playable Remans

By David Rodriguez

May 6, 2013

First seen in 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis, the Remans were introduced as not-so-distant off-shoots of Romulans. Residing in the neighboring planet of Remus, the grotesque-looking psionic beings were forced to mine tylithium ore under conditions of slave labor. Since the release of 2010’s Star Trek Online, Remans were reintroduced as an integral piece of the game’s Romulan storyline.

For the upcoming expansion, Legacy of Romulus, Remans have been physically revamped so that they are easier to customize should players choose to roll one or more characters. Players will also be able to play as a fully-customizable Reman female. Cryptic has also detailed the following exclusive attributes for playable Reman characters:

  • Reman Species Trait – This trait is standard for all Remans and cannot be changed
    • +20 Perception
    • +1.5% Expose Chance
    • +1 second Expose Duration
    • +10% Exploit Damage
    • +25% Resistance to Flanking Damage
    • +5 Resistance Rating to Energy and Physical damage
      • The above is subject to change as feedback and development continues
  • Mind Drain – Optional for Remans Only
    • A powerful, single-target psychic attack which drains vital essence from the victim to the caster. This attack ignores all shields and provides the user with a substantial self-heal, but only works against living (non-mechanical) targets.

Much like the Federation and Klingon factions, Romulan/Reman players will also have access to unique ship material and uniform variants.

Legacy of Romulus will be released on May 21st, 2013.

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