Remastered Mother 2 Vinyl Soundtrack Shipping Early 2016

Remastered Mother 2 Vinyl Soundtrack Shipping Early 2016

Ship to Shore Phono Co is accepting pre-orders for the Remastered Earthbound Vinyl soundtrack which will ship in early 2016. The collection costs $40 and comes with 2xLP discs in a choice of four colors: Classic Black Vinyl, Red/Black swirl, Blue/Yellow Split, and Hot Spring Pink. You can listen to a sample of the remastered tracks at Ship to Shores Soundcloud.

Ship to Shore is a company based in Brooklyn, NY, and have stated that the discs will begin shipping to customers in January/February. Earthbound is known as Mother 2 in Japan, where it released on Super Famicom in 1994 and later to North American SNES’s in 1995 where its title was changed to Earthbound. You can view the high resolution images of the Vinyl box below, as well as the full track listing.

1. Prologue
2. Onett
3. Twoson
4. Saturn Valley
5. Winters
6. Threek
7. Doko Doko Desert
8. Fourside
9. Moonside

1. Ramma
2. Summers
3. Scarabi
4. Dungeon Man
5. Cursed Jungles
6. Gumi Village
7. The Under World
8. Magicant
9. The Great Under World

1. Final Battle
2. Love & Peace
3. Ending
1. Room Number (PSI Mix)
2. Hula-Hoop (PSI Mix)
3. Another 2 (PSI Mix)