Remedy Entertainment’s “Greatest Game Trailer Ever” Is…Probably Not What You Were Expecting

on November 18, 2016 1:23 PM

Remedy Entertainment, the revered developer of Max PayneAlan Wake, and this year’s Quantum Break, gave out a cryptic teaser yesterday for what it called the “Greatest Game Trailer Ever” that would release today, and now that the full video is out it’s…definitely something.

Over on its official YouTube channel, developer Remedy Entertainment has released the full video for its announcement tease from yesterday that many (naturally) thought may be a new game announcement. However, the full result of the video is something wildly different…but still pretty great.

For the TL;DR version – it’s a recruitment video from Remedy directing viewers to apply for jobs on the studio’s career page. For the longer version, it’s a hilariously bizarre look at game development featuring clips of…well, I’ll just let you watch the full video and experience it for yourself.

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