Remedy's Sam Lake Says He Still Hopes to Create Alan Wake 2

"It needs to be done right if it's ever done."

July 22, 2019

Hot off the heels of announcing that Remedy had obtained the publishing rights for the Alan Wake IP earlier this month, studio boss Sam Lake has now expressed that he one day wants to create a sequel.

In a new conversation with IGN, Lake spoke about Alan Wake and said that he’s still holding out hope that the stars will align one day that would allow Remedy to create the long-awaited follow-up to the 2010 game. Even though Alan Wake never sold all-that-well at market, the game has since become a cult classic and later received a spin-off title called Alan Wake’s American Nightmare in 2012.


“I want to make it,” Lake said blatantly. “At this point, so much time has passed. I feel that the bar is higher in some ways. It needs to be done right if it’s ever done. Everything needs to click into place, which is really hard to make it happen. So many things, for these big games to be greenlit, need to be aligned. But I’m hoping that someday….”

Whether or not Remedy will ever get around to making Alan Wake 2 remains to be seen. For now, the developer is surely focused on shipping Control, which is set to launch in a little over a month. Even though Control is a different IP, the 505 Games-published title does share some common DNA with both Alan Wake and Quantum Break, the two Remedy games that preceded it.

If an Alan Wake 2 does ever come about, it’ll likely be a few years until we hear about it. In the meantime, it has been confirmed that Remedy can now bring the original game to other platforms, so maybe that’s something we’ll see happen sooner rather than later.

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