Remember Cave Story 3D? Yeah, It’s Still Coming Out!

Remember Cave Story 3D? Yeah, It’s Still Coming Out!

Cave Story 3D, one of my most anticipated “launch window” titles on the 3DS, has seemingly vanished off the planet in terms of hype and announcements. Needless to say, that was a smidge worrisome, since the game was set to release, well, this week initially. Then it was pushed back to sometime in September, and once again, we’re treated to another delay; the game is set to come out on November 8th, so that the developers can make further “game improvements”.

I know what you’re all thinking; it worries me too. This late in development, and they’re still thinking about making improvements to the game? It’s a cult classic action platformer with gorgeously updated visuals; it really doesn’t need any more improvements, in my opinion.


As sad as it is to say, I think the value in Cave Story 3D is plummeting monumentally, and while I’ll definitely still pick up the game, I’m not so sure anyone else will. I guess we’ll see, come November.

…if that’s the final release date, anyway.