Remember When?: You Cared About Console Wars

Remember When?: You Cared About Console Wars


Now before you start reading I must warn some of you, because you may still be in this moronic state of mind. The state of believing in defending your console of choice amongst your peers. If that is the case, prepare yourself to be offended. I admit, I still have a hint of this hatred sometimes towards the only current generation system I don’t have, PlayStation 3. But that’s only with my friends in a very friendly, teasing sort of way. Now that we have that out of the way…remember when you cared about console wars? Remember when you would get into heated arguments about which video game system was better? Remember when you would mention stuff about your favorite system that didn’t even make sense? I sure do.


When I was old enough to realize I was playing video games, the world was in the middle of the fourth generation of consoles. This generation included Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, arguably the greatest two systems of all time. I believe during this time the labeling of Nintendo as a ‘kiddy’ company first began, and with good reason. The most prominent reason was the exclusion of blood in the original Mortal Kombat in the Super Nintendo version. All the ‘tough guys’ and ‘cool kids’ played the Genesis version, because that version actually had blood in it. Sure you needed to input a code, but at least it was there. Because I was a bit too young, I never really had these arguments with my friends or classmates, but don’t worry. The whole ‘kiddy’ company thing carried over to the next generation.


Sony PlayStation had Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Syphon Filter, and do I need to name more? You see, I was a Nintendo 64 owner, and as a 9-12 year old boy, it was not the preferred system to have. Nintendo 64 was labeled a ‘kiddy’ system, even though it had games like Perfect Dark, Conker’s Bad Fur Day and GoldenEye 007. Compared to the PlayStation, it was the system for babies. But being a mature system or a kid’s system isn’t the heart and soul of a console war. It’s all about the system specs, which console has better games, and other dumb reasons. Here is a list of the inane pros and cons for both systems:

PlayStation Pros

  • You can burn games
  • Final Fantasy
  • Mature games
  • Crash Bandicoot is better than Mario
  • You can play music CDs

PlayStation Cons

  • Long loading screens
  • Controller is just a rip off of the Super Nintendo controller
  • Triangle, Square, Star? So confusing
  • Memory cards are for losers
  • CDs break too fast

Nintendo 64 Pros

  • A lot more buttons
  • Four controller ports
  • 64 bits, twice the power of PlayStation
  • Rumble pack
  • Pokémon

Nintendo 64 Cons

  • Weird controller
  • Baby games
  • How many Mario Parties do you need?
  • Thumb stick gets loose
  • Games are too expensive

During this generation these were the most said pros and cons I heard for both systems. You see how ridiculous they are? Hmm…not too far from what is being regurgitated in gaming today is it? Yeah, the list above isn’t the most sophisticated reasons, but give me a break. I was still a young, stupid, ignorant, dumb, annoying kid.