Remember When?: You Didn't Know Enough Was Enough

By François Chang

April 26, 2010

I’m going to start this one off with a funny story.

It was 1993 (give or take a year). My sister and I are playing two-player Super Mario Kart for SNES. If memory serves me correctly, we were playing Grand Prix and racing on one of the Koopa Beaches. Our grandmother took care of us and my parents were close to coming home from work. It was at night and during this particular race I really needed to poop. It was bad. I needed to poop, but also had to keep playing. I was bouncing around, I sitting awkwardly, and I was trying my best to hold it in. The rest of the story is goes into a haze. All I can remember are my parents being upset, and the image of my soiled tight blue underwear.

Why did I poop myself? Was it because I wasn’t potty trained? No, I was 4 years old. Was it because there was someone in the bathroom? Not even close. It was because I didn’t know enough was enough. And this was my first case of an addiction to video games.

Addiction- the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma. (via

Oh yes… I was a slave to the game. After that incident, my childhood video game addiction never went further than constantly talking about Mortal Kombat in class and getting in trouble. It was pretty tame. My teenage years on the other hand were a different story.

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My problem during this time wasn’t that I was playing too much video games. It was an addiction to buying video games. My GameCube collection is full of games I never completed. Each major purchase was guaranteed to be the game I played and stuck to until the end. But it always ended up not happening. I had to buy the latest and coolest looking game. I was the biggest sucker. If you looked at a game’s marketing objective, the target audience was probably a scientific breakdown of my brain.

Thank goodness my collection is pretty awesome and I have a lot of good games. I managed to dodge a lot of bullets and somehow avoided buying a lot of crappy titles that I really wanted. What’s the moral of this paragraph? Don’t waste your money and beat the games you have first. I know a lot of people who do/have done the same thing I have.

I did get mildly addicted to a game a few years back. It was MapleStory! Isn’t that cute? It’s an MMORPG for those of you who don’t know what it is. These games are specifically built to addict you. People will never really understand the power of these games unless they’re involved with playing  with one. So, to all those addicts out there playing MMORPGs, I completely understand.

However, I have seen people ruin their jobs, their schooling, and their physical appearance from playing too much. That is not cool. Get your act together people. Gaming is awesome, but you got to know when it is enough! Stop pooping in your pants and set some priorities!

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