Remember When?: You Would Get Into Fights

Remember When?: You Would Get Into Fights


In versus multiplayer games, there would be winners and losers. Where there are winners and losers, out come the highly competitive. I was one of those highly competitive people. At first it was innocent, but then it turned pretty ugly.

During my preteen years I was always very competitive when it came to games between my cousin and I. We would face each other in games that included WWF No Mercy and Pokémon Stadium 2. I was a few years older than him and I could not take the fact that he would be better than me in any game. The competition between us was pretty good, because we would be close in skill where I would win some and he would win some. Although, I was somewhat of a bully, because I would verbally abuse him at times. In retrospect: I was a jerk, but what can I say? I was a trash talker in the making.

Fast forward a few years where Xbox and online gaming has become prominent in my life. Where Halo 2 has really taken over my night (and sometimes day) life. Halo 2 truly revealed how immature I was. I was 15 at the time, and I was one of those kids on Xbox LIVE that would not shut up. I would try to pick a fight or an argument with any person in the lobby. Again, because I was so competitive I would also go off on my friends. My real life friends. If my friends would do bad or cost me a game, I would yell and argue with them. I almost severed some friendships this way. It was that bad.

Such a nice and innocent looking game brings back dark memories.

I remember having serious talks with friends after they would quit from all the nonsense I was speaking. I remember signing off because I would be so irritated with my friends not being as good as I was, as well. I remember one time a friend from school gave me his gamertag and the second game we played he went AFK for a few minutes. I decided to never play with him, again. Why was I like this? I’ll never know.

Now, I believe I’ve toned down the fighting spirit. My childhood dreams of being a competitive gamer are now behind me. I still do get a little upset when it comes to winning and losing, but let’s be glad that the horrible and ugly days of me are over. After almost 6 years of Xbox LIVE in my life, I have seen them all. I consider myself an old soul in the realm of Xbox LIVE. I see those who are like how I once was and I find it so funny. The mute button does wonders. The lesson to take from this editorial? To all those who yell and curse over Xbox LIVE: You’re playing a GAME, just have fun.