Reminder: Gemini Rue Comes Out On the 24th, Buy It If You’re Not Lame

on February 22, 2011 9:30 AM

Reminder: Gemini Rue Comes Out On the 24th, Buy It If You're Not Lame

I know this week’s dominated by the release of Epic’s rape-inspiring shooter Bulletstorm, but for those of you that for some reason aren’t looking forward to it, here’s an alternative, equally excellent choice: Gemini Rue finally┬ácomes out this Thursday. Published by Wadjet Eye Games and developed by a UCLA student named Josh Nuernberger, Gemini Rue is a point and click adventure game set in a sci-fi noir environment. The story has you playing as two characters, hard-nosed cop Azriel Odin and mysterious pod-person Delta-Six, on a far-off planet that’s been taken over by an oppressive agency called the Boryokudan.

The game’s styled in a fantastically retro fashion reminiscent of old Lucasarts adventure games, and the plot is equally captivating. I’ve been playing this one for review for the past week or so, and while I’m under embargo from reviewing it, I can say that if you don’t purchase this one, you are an idiot, and your mother should be ashamed to have such a failure of an offspring.

Look for my review later this week, but yeah, BUY IT.

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