Reminder: Lots of Special Pokemanz to Catch This Week

Reminder: Lots of Special Pokemanz to Catch This Week


Here’s a friendly reminder from a fellow grown-up Pokemon player to another: there’s a couple special Pokemon being given away this week at participating stores, one of them more important for those of you looking to purchase Pokemon Black/White in March.

From January 31st to February 6th, GameStops across the nation will be giving away the last 2nd Gen Shiny Legendary, Suicine. If you’re like me and have completely forgotten to get the first two, this is your last chance to not only get a special Pokemon, but also your last opportunity to catch the Legendary Zoroark in Black/White: when one of these three gets transferred to the upcoming games, they’ll trigger an event in which you’ll be able to catch Zoroark.

Additionally, from January 30th til February 13th, participating Toys R Us stores in the US will be giving away Ash’s Pikachu. Different from other Pikachus, this specific one will be transferred to you at Level 50 and with some special moves learned. While not as necessary as Suicine, this is still a pretty rad addition to your team, and may be tempting enough to traverse all those miles to get to that one TRU that’s in the middle of nowhere, as they always seem to be.

These are for Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver only, so don’t forget before you head to these stores. For some reason I stopped playing Soul Silver halfway in, but this might be motivation enough for me to finally finish that game.

Black/White comes out for the Nintendo DS on March 6th.