Remington and Mastiff Making Their Own Hunting Game Series

Remington and Mastiff Games have announced that they’re teaming up to create a new series of hunting game. The series is titled Remington Super Slam Hunting and will come in two flavors; the first is Remington Super Slam Hunting: North America and will have players tracking and hunting game such as Deer, Elk, Mountain Lions, and bears; oh my! The second game will be available “by Thanksgiving 2010” and is subtitled Africa. In the second game you will be tracking and hunting Leopards, Rhinos, Elephants, Buffalo, Lions and more.

If there’s one thing we need more of in this world, it’s hunting video games. There’s nothing better in the world than that weird leaf colored camo, a cooler of beer and huddling up with a couple of guys in a small shack in the woods. Wait, the only thing about that which sounds awesome is the cooler of beer, and I don’t think the game comes with that. The good news is that each game will only cost $19.99 and will both be available for the Wii, DS and PC. If you haven’t gotten enough digital hunting in your life or just want a cheap “light gun” style game, you might want to look into these!

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