Rend Gets Two New Game Modes More Focused on Survival

Rend Gets Two New Game Modes More Focused on Survival

Team-based survival game Rend will be getting some new game modes that'll give players a more traditional survival experience.

While Rend is a title that focuses on mixing survival elements with team-based gameplay, the development team at Frostkeep Studios has responded to fan feedback in regards to adding some more traditional survival modes into the game. Two new modes will be added into Rend, one of which will be titled Classic (PVP), while the other is called Exploration (PVE).

Classic mode will have players drop into the world with their own character. Originally, players would join a faction and fight against other players from opposing factions while building and growing with their own. Now, players will be able to weave their own story and determine whether or not they want to fight or align themselves with specific players. Unlike the game’s main Ascension mode, Classic mode will be endless as there are no win conditions.

Exploration mode will still allow players to work together, but all forms of PVP will be turned off. So newcomers or those who just want a less intense experience can enjoy Rend at their own pace. Of course, you’ll still be able to interact and work with other plays on the map if you want. Both game modes will launch for all owners of Rend next Tuesday.

There will be some other changes to gameplay to accommodate the additional game modes. You can read more about the update directly from the developer on their official newsfeed. Back in Septemeber, Frostkeep Studios gave players some insight as to what direction they’re planning to take Rend into late 2018 and early 2019.

Rend is available now via Steam Early Access.