Replika Concept Art Released, You Will Consume Hypnodo and Like It!

Every tyrannical ruler knows that the key strategy to absolute control over your population begins with small, simple steps. These steps start small but build the foundation for bigger concepts to thrive such as brainwash, complacency, and of course submission and acceptance of your brutal yet guised rule. One of these small steps includes poisoning the public with helpful medication in doses that will not kill but will degrade the quality of brain functions such as thinking and questioning authority/accepted social occurrence you have enforced on your people.

The propaganda seen above (click for full size) can be found on the streets in the upcoming real-time strategy game Replika. Replika is a PlayStation 3 digitally distributed exclusive RTS supporting stereoscopic 3D HD. Hypnodo is reinforced with this poster seen at the dismay of the main character who is featured in silhouette with her hand out in compassion for the people being fed these pills that keep them from questioning the ways of their rulers. Keep it locked on DualShockers for more upcoming news, concept art, trailers, and anything else Replika that surfaces.

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Jon Ireson

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