Report: PS4 3.0 System Software Update Currently in Beta Testing; Brings Communities and More

Report: PS4 3.0 System Software Update Currently in Beta Testing; Brings Communities and More

Axccording to the Japanese blog Pocket News, the PS4 system software update 3.0 has already been sent to beta testers, and it comes with a few interesting features:

  • (Event) has been added to the function menu. You’ll be able to watch, discover and participate to events related to PlayStation.
  • (Community) has been added to the (Friends) menu. (Community) is a feature where you can find players with similar preferences and interests. You can create a new community, or you can join one already in place. Members will be able to play together, create parties and discuss common topics.
  • In (Now Playing), members will see a list of the games the participants to a party are playing. You will be able to easily start a game from the list. Also, members can now request share play. (Now playing) has been added to the (friends), What’s New, (Community) and (Messages) menus.
  • Message screen (message) has been improved. You can view the (Now playing) and you can now start a party easily and add members. In addition, you will be able to add your favorite groups in the [Favorite Group] feature of (Friends).
  • It’s now possible to broadcast using You Tube.
  • It’s now possible to upload a short clip to Twitter. (10 seconds maximum).


  •  (Live from PlayStation) ha been improved. Screenshots and video clips are now supported in addition to broadcasts.


  • (Settings)> [Accessibility]> [speed of automatic scrolling]: You’re now able able to change the speed of the automatic scrolling.
  • (Settings)>  [What’s New]: You can set the display of community announcements, of game play requests, events and current song played.


  • You can now enter a comment in the items in What’s New.
  • It’s now possible to add a (Stamp) to (messages).
  • (PlayStation Plus) has been added to the function menu. You can check the content of the instant game collection and of deals reserved to PlayStation Plus. You can also get the latest information about campaigns.
  • The Blu-ray Disc/DVD player now supports accessibility features. We have expanded the scope of other accessibility features.
  • A launch limit for games can now be set while watching the age information and rating icon.
  • Sub-accounts for children can now be created from the [New Users] option in the user selection screen.
  • Blocking the display of harmful websites can now be set in (Settings)> [Parental Control].

While the report comes with a quite believable screenshot, of course we should consider this with the customary grain of salt until Sony makes an official announcement.