Report: PS4 Exclusive Days Gone Has Hours of Cinematics

Report: PS4 Exclusive Days Gone Has Hours of Cinematics

Sony Interactive Entertainment's upcoming PS4 exclusive Days Gone appears to have a whole lot of cinematics telling the story of Deacon St. John.

Sony has been fairly silent about the upcoming open-world action-adventure survival horror game Days Gone by SCE Bend Studio, and today we get some info from a rather unusual source.

During the first episode of Star Citizen‘s new Reverse the Verse livestream, Community Content Manager Jared Huckaby mentioned that he was talking with popular actor Sam Witwer (who plays protagonist Deacon St. John in Days Gone), and mentioned that Sony’s upcoming game has a “whole bunch of hours” of cinematics.

Witwer also reportedly told Huckaby that he’d like to be part of Star Citizen‘s single player spin-off Squadron 42, after seeing the latest reveal, as the storytelling is amazing.

Of course, considering that this is second-hand information, we should definitely take the info with the customary grain of salt. Yet, Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida himself recently mentioned that Days Gone is a “big game,” and there is a lot of focus on storytelling.

It’s also worth mentioning that having hours of cinematics doesn’t mean that they’re not interactive. We don’t know one way the another, and Huckaby didn’t say, but in Squadron 42 itself, the cinematics appear to be mostly interactive.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see if this is accurate, considering that a large focus on storytelling is often not expected from an open-world game, and even more so from one that involves hordes of zombies of zombie-like creatures. We’ll have to wait and see when Sony and the good folks at Bend will finally reveal more about the game.

Days Gone should release in 2018, exclusively for PS4.