Latest Trailer for Resident Evil 2 Shows Off More Footage of Ada Wong

Latest Trailer for Resident Evil 2 Shows Off More Footage of Ada Wong

Been looking to see more of Ada Wong in action? The newest trailer for Resident Evil 2 has got you covered.

We’re just about one month away from the release of Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake and it seems like as a result, we’re getting new snippets of gameplay just about every day.

Today, IGN has exclusively released a new section of footage from Resident Evil 2 that features Ada Wong. Most of today’s new video focuses on a bout between Ada Wong and a scientist that is working on the G-virus. We also see Leon Kennedy in this footage before he gets injured, which then leads to the player taking over as Ada. The trailer briefly ends with us seeing some of the unique gameplay mechanics that Ada has at her disposal, which is reminiscent of the first gameplay footage that we saw her in just a few short weeks ago.

If you’re looking for even more brief footage from Resident Evil 2, just last week Capcom unveiled a few short videos that centered around the Birkin family. You can also check out another new video that features the unstoppable Tyrant. Basically, there’s been a lot of Resident Evil 2 footage released lately and it all looks very cool.

You can find today’s new video focusing on Ada Wong down below. Resident Evil 2 is set to release next month on January 25 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you still haven’t pre-ordered the game ahead of release and you’d like to do so, it’s still available for purchase on Amazon.

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