Resident Evil 2 Will Receive a Free Demo for All Platforms Starting this Friday

Resident Evil 2 fans will finally be able to go hands-on with the upcoming release in a new demo, although it will only be confined to 30 minutes of total play.

Much like they have done with Devil May Cry 5, Capcom today announced a new demo for the upcoming release of Resident Evil 2 that will be available on all of the game’s platforms starting later this week.

The demo, which is being called “1-Shot Demo” will come with a catch, however, and will only allow players 30 minutes to experience Raccoon City. Essentially, there will be a 30-minute timer on this demo that will carry over across multiple playthroughs. If you finish the demo’s objective before the timer is up, you’ll then be able to view a new cinematic that hasn’t been shown to the public yet. If you still have time left on your clock after completing the demo, you can then jump back in and play more until your time runs out. If you don’t complete the demo before this 30-minutes, you’ll just be out of luck.

As for what portion of the game you’ll be playing in this demo, you’ll land in the shoes of Leon Kennedy as he wanders about the Raccoon City police station. Your goal will be to escape the station in order to see the demo through to its end. This is one of the most famous sequences from the original Resident Evil 2, and it’s also the portion of the game that we played last year at E3, so it’s not too surprising that Capcom would opt to make this section of the game the one that players will see in the demo.

The 1-Shot Demo will land on Xbox One, PS4, and PC starting this Friday, January 11 and will be available for download from then until January 31. As for Resident Evil 2 itself, the full game will arrive on all the same platforms later this month on January 25.

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