Resident Evil 2 New DLC Allows You to Purchase All In-Game Unlockables

Resident Evil 2 New DLC Allows You to Purchase All In-Game Unlockables

Capcom has provided a way to unlock all in-game rewards for Resident Evil 2 if you're willing to pay the money for it.

If you play through this year’s release of Resident Evil 2 enough, you’ll find that there’s quite a bit of additional content for you to unlock other than just the standard Claire and Leon campaigns. However, some of these unlockables can be a bit difficult to obtain by standard methods, so now, Capcom is giving players an opt-out as long as they’re willing to spend the money.

Resident Evil 2’s latest DLC is called the All In-Game Rewards Unlock DLC and, well, it does exactly what it sounds like it’d do. If you purchase this DLC for the retail value of $4.99, you’ll be able to immediately unlock all additional content that is available in Resident Evil 2.

For clarity on just what this will give you, you’ll have access to both The 4th Survivor and The Tofu Survivor game modes, which you typically can only unlock after beating both A/B playthroughs of RE2. You’ll also gain a slew of new weapons like the unbreakable combat knife, infinite ammo versions of the SMG, handgun, minigun, and rocket launcher. Plus all costumes, models, and concept art that you can find in the extras section of the game will also be unlocked.

So if for one reason or another, you’d like to unlock all of this without having to do it by standard means, then have at it. Just be aware that if you do unlock everything in this manner, then you cheated not only the game, but yourself. You didn’t grow. You didn’t improve. You took a shortcut and gained nothing. You experienced a hollow victory. Nothing was risked and nothing was gained.

Anyway, Resident Evil 2 is out right now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You should totally play it if you haven’t so far. This DLC is also available now on all of those same platforms.