Resident Evil 3 Sells Over 2 Million Copies in First 5 Days of Availability

Resident Evil 3 has already gotten off to a hot start in terms of sales after only five days of being available to purchase.

April 13, 2020

Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 3 has only been available for a little over a week at this point, but its already gotten off to quite a hot start in terms of sales.

Announced by Capcom today, it was unveiled that Resident Evil 3 was able to sell two million copies worldwide in the first five days after its launch. It was specified that these 2 million copies were sold-in, which means it includes those that have been shipped to retailers around the world. The sold-through total, which would be the number of games directly purchased by consumers, has not been revealed.

Perhaps most interestingly of all, Capcom also stated that digital sales of RE3 made up for nearly 50% of sales for the game in its first five days after release. This not only shows the strength that digital sales have started to have as this console generation has progressed, but it also seemingly proves that people are indeed staying home to purchase their games now rather than venturing out. In a time where the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to self-quarantine themselves, it looks like some have just opted to purchase titles like Resident Evil 3 digitally, which is smart.


This news on RE3’s sales also comes not too long after we’ve had a ton of new rumors and reports come about regarding future Resident Evil titles. Just this weekend, a new report came about confirming that Capcom is looking to next remake Resident Evil 4, with a planned release date for 2022. Before then, however, the next mainline entry in the series, Resident Evil 8, is said to be releasing early next year. More information on RE8 is also rumored to be coming out later this month, if we’re lucky.

Resident Evil 3 is available now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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