Resident Evil 3 Mod Gives Nemesis a Muscular Beach Body and Speedos

Resident Evil 3 Mod Gives Nemesis a Muscular Beach Body and Speedos

Those speedos though.

The Resident Evil 3 community are already seeing new mods becoming available ahead of the game’s launch next month. But this one particular mod gives Nemesis some tight speedos adorned with the Umbrella Corporation logo. What more could you want?

The mod comes from Marcos, a modder who felt it was worth giving the frightening enemy of Resident Evil 3 a beach body. Well, the 3D body base was created by a MisterHecks, a modder who has previously created the beach body mod for Mr. X from Resident Evil 2

I mean, let’s be honest, Nemesis may look good in a beach outfit? There’s a video showing the mod in action. so we can assess it for ourselves.

Yes, Nemesis has that stereotypical beach body, sports the same sunglasses Mr. X has from that Resident Evil 2 mod, and the same speedos. Let’s just hope they were washed before being transferred over. I think what makes this mod hilarious is the lengthly arms of Nemesis being more prominent without that coat hiding his muscles. Also, if you go ahead to 0:26 you’ll see him electrocuted and shaking his body about.

The mod isn’t anything special except a cosmetic change, so don’t expect any changes to the gameplay or combat against the muscular beast. If you’re looking into downloading this mod, it’s available from Marcos’ Patreon page. Of course, other mods are coming out all over the place now, we’ve even seen the return of Thomas the Tank Engine. I’m personally excited to see what other strange additions will be arriving to the mod scene for the next Resident Evil remake title.

Resident Evil 3 is due to launch on April  3, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC and you can pre-order the game right now over on Amazon.


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