Resident Evil 3 Fan Art Imagines Jill and Carlos as Square Enix Characters

New fan art has emerged that imagines Jill and Carlos as Square Enix characters in a great Resident Evil 3 crossover.

With its release at the beginning of the month, Capcom gave longtime RE fans the chance to revisit the nightmare of a plague-overridden Raccoon City in Resident Evil 3. Taking us back to simpler (?) times as Jill and Carlos fend off a new foe, Nemesis, in the heart of Raccoon City to try and stop the Umbrella Corporation’s new experiments, the RE3 remake delivered a reimagined take on the classic. Along the way, it also has seemed to inspire some intriguing fan art crossovers.

Concept artist and illustrator Absolum on Twitter shared a piece of fan art that fans of Resident Evil 3 and Square Enix titles like the recently-released Final Fantasy VII Remake are sure to enjoy. The art itself features RE3‘s main protagonists Jill and Carlos, but with the twist of them being drawn in the style of Square Enix games. You can check out the artwork for yourself below, along with more of Absolum’s work on Instagram:

Aside from Absolum’s great work at mixing together Resident Evil with Square Enix-style illustrations, Resident Evil 3 has inspired several other fan creations along the way. We’ve already seen Animal Crossing‘s Isabelle make her way into Raccoon City, while the internet continued its tradition of finding any way to add Thomas the Tank Engine into a video game. Likewise, you can never unsee the magnificent sight of Sexy Nemesis once you install this fan mod.

So far since its release, RE3 has been off to a great start. The game shipped over two million copies in its first week of availability, alongside a big patch that hit recently for the game on Xbox One to fix performance issues. Likewise, it was also announced recently that Steamforged Games will be bringing Resident Evil 3: The Board Game to Kickstarter later this month after their successful tabletop adaptation of Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil 3 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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