Resident Evil 3 Devs Discuss Nemesis, Difficulty in Famitsu Interview

The developers of Resident Evil 3 explained how the remake and Nemesis were balanced in a lengthy interview published by Famitsu magazine.

This week’s Famitsu magazine included an interview with developers of Resident Evil 3, who mainly chatted about the game’s difficulty and Nemesis. The interview includes Mitsunori Sasaki (K2 Games), Tatsuya Minami (M2), Kiyohiko Sakata (Leadworks), and Masachika Kawata (Capcom). We translated the biggest highlights of the interview below.

Regarding Resident Evil 3‘s difficulty

One of the biggest challenges in Resident Evil 3 remake’s development was how to increase the action element without impacting the survival horror aspect. Finding the right balance was quite hard for the development team. They most notably made certain systems easy and convenient, like in an action game, all while keeping in stressful elements. As such, Resident Evil 3 retains the oppressive atmosphere typically included in an horror game.

Overall, the team is aware Resident Evil 3 can be quite difficult and expect players to hit their first wall when facing Nemesis. Moreover,  the developers mentioned how it should be nearly impossible to do a knife-only run. Players who attempt knife-only runs of Resident Evil 3 will be fine when it comes to normal zombies. However, they will be unable to defeat the bosses unless they have perfectly mastered the Emergency Dodge system.

Regarding Nemesis, items, and ammo

Needless to say, hardcore fans who remember the original Resident Evil 3 will always try to confront Nemesis. For the items drops. The developers’ advice to these fans is that they shouldn’t expect to best Nemesis unless they’re very well prepared.

We’ve got more details regarding items as well. If you play on Normal difficulty, you should be able to clear RE3 without worrying about resources and ammo. However, playing on Hard will require you to carefully manage your resources. In the Famitsu interview, Kiyohiko Sakata specifically mentioned “playing Resident Evil 3 on Hard and above”, teasing that there are higher difficulty modes.

The interview ends with the four men mentioning how it took the development team over 3 years to complete Resident Evil 3 remake. In particular, RE3 mixes action and horror in a different way than the previously released RE2. As such, the team hopes fans and newcomers alike will pick up the game. They stressed out you shouldn’t sleep on Project Resistance either, the online multiplayer game bundled with Resident Evil 3.

The Resident Evil 3 remake will launch for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 3. Be sure to check out DualShockers’ review. As for whether Resident Evil 4 also needs a remake or not, you can check out the take of our Features Editor Ryan Meitzler.

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