Resident Evil 3 — Five Tips for Dealing with Nemesis

Need some help dealing with Nemesis in Resident Evil 3? Here are some relatively simple and straightforward tips that you can utilize to help ensure your battle is made easier.

April 3, 2020

Resident Evil 3 is finally out in the wild today, meaning that tons of players will now be having to deal with the game’s iconic antagonist, Nemesis, all over again like it’s 1998. From beginning to end, Nemesis ends up proving to be a pain in the butt that will stalk you endlessly throughout the remains of Raccoon City. If you don’t know how to deal with him, he could end up pulverizing you more times than one, too.

Luckily, we here at DualShockers have got your back and have some advice on how to approach this big boy. Here are five straightforward tips that you can keep in mind while playing through RE3 to ensure that Nemesis won’t get the best of you.


Utilize Objects in the Environment

If you’re being stalked by Nemesis throughout Raccoon City, there should be some items that you’ll come across in the environment naturally that can help you slow this behemoth down in his tracks. Two objects, in particular, that you’ll want to keep an eye out for are red barrels and electricity generators.

If you see either of these easily-spottable items, try your best to lure Nemesis near them. If he steps too close to them, then unload on one of these objects with your firearms. The red barrels, as you may have guessed, will cause a rather large explosion. The generators, meanwhile, will cause a widespread electrical shock in a given area. Either way, if you hit either device while Nemesis is standing nearby, it’ll stagger him and give you a few precious moments to run past him before he then begins his pursuit all over again.

Use Grenades to Get Better Gear

One of the best ways to slow Nemesis down in his tracks is to utilize hand grenades. This weapon type is typically in short supply, but if you happen to find one, you should absolutely use it against Nemesis. Not only will the explosion outright bring him to his knees, but he’ll also drop some sweet gear in the process.

Yes, if you stagger Nemesis, he’ll drop packages on the ground that are filled with great items. A lot of times, these items take the form of weapon attachments that you can then equip to existing guns in your arsenal to make them more powerful. If you have better guns, you’ll then be able to not only combat Nemesis more easily, but all other enemy types that you may come across in RE3.

Master the Dodge Roll

One of the newest moves in Resident Evil 3 compared to last year’s release of RE2 comes in the way of a dodge roll that Jill Valentine can utilize. This ability lets Jill cinematically avoid incoming attacks from a variety of enemies in the game, including that of Nemesis. So if Nemesis is hot on your tail and happens to corner you in a building or alleyway, this dodge might be your best way to get past his oncoming attacks and slink away.

In the early minutes and hours of Resident Evil 3, it might be hard to get used to this mechanic, but stick with it. There is a very specific window in which you need to utilize this dodge ability for it to activate and it’s hard to nail down the timing at first. Before long, you should start to grow accustomed to the move a little bit more and you’ll begin to see when you need to activate it in order to dodge roll to safety.

Focus on Weak Points in Boss Fights

While Nemesis will more often than not be stalking you throughout Raccoon City, there will come a few instances throughout the campaign where you will need to battle him 1-on-1. When these boss battle situations come about, it’s important to take note of the weak points that Nemesis has on his character and focus your fire continuously on that point.

Some of these weak points that Nemesis has are a bit more obvious than others, but in each boss fight, you will start to see certain parts of his character model that you should hone-in on. When these weak spots present themselves, be sure to use your highest damage-dealing firearms to dispatch of him sooner rather than later. Boss fights with Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 might be intimidating at first, but if you know where to attack this monster, you shouldn’t have to free too much.

Just Freaking Run

Our last tip is likely the most straightforward, but it’s also the most useful: just run. Yes, like many other enemies that you’ll come across in Resident Evil 3, sometimes it’s better to just get the heck out of Dodge rather than trying to stand your ground and fight.

So if you find yourself in a pinch against Nemesis, plot out a course in your head of where you want to go, and then sprint along that path. This might sound obvious on paper, but it’ll at least ensure that you aren’t wasting valuable ammo against Nemesis. More often than not, that ammo won’t have much of an effect on him anyway, so it’s better just to try your best to get away rather than fruitlessly attack him.

And that’s it! If you follow each of these simple tips, you should be able to best Nemesis without many issues. Despite being such a titanic menace, he’s actually pretty easy to overcome if you just know how to approach him.

Resident Evil 3 is available now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. For more on Capcom’s latest, be sure to also check out our comparison piece between Nemesis and RE2′s Mr. X.

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