Resident Evil 3 New Trailer Reveals More Nemesis, Jill, and Carlos

Resident Evil 3 New Trailer Reveals More Nemesis, Jill, and Carlos

Capcom published a new Resident Evil 3 remake trailer showcasing Jill Valentine, revealing new characters and some cool scenes.

Capcom just published a new trailer for the Resident Evil 3 Remake on the series’ official YouTube channel. The trailer shows gameplay from both Resident Evil 3 and Project Resistance, the multiplayer game its bundled with.

The trailer features the main protagonists of Resident Evil 3 and focuses on Jill Valentine. Overall, you can feel Capcom’s decisions to make the game more action-oriented. The trailer definitely gives me the vibe of a typical American action movie.

What’s even more interesting is how a Japanese dubbed version of the trailer was also published. And it feels pretty jarring. Resident Evil games traditionally only include an English dub no matter the region. However, Capcom started dubbing the games in Japan for a few years ago to answer a certain demand. Resident Evil characters nowadays are voiced in Japanese in tons of different collabs and crossovers, not limited to Capcom games. Cpacom got its own mobage such as Teppen too. As such, I believe more and more Japanese people are used to hear Resident Evil characters dubbed in Japanese, so Resident Evil 3 getting a Japanese dub was a logical conclusion.

Both versions of the trailer are included below.

Resident Evil 3 launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 3. Spoilers for the game are being shared online so be careful in these days of staying home and constant internet browsing. You can check out the demo too.