Resident Evil 3 Gets Loads of New Screenshots Focusing on Characters

The latest round of images from Resident Evil 3 focus on showing off the characters that you'll come across in the game.

Alongside unveiling a new trailer for Resident Evil 3 earlier today, Capcom has also released a slew of new images showing off more locations and characters from the upcoming remake.

In total, over a dozen new pictures from Resident Evil 3 have been released today. Like the trailer that launched earlier this morning, many of these screenshots show off the game’s iconic antagonist Nemesis. Some of the few images that we see of Nemesis show him holding his rocket launcher, another where he is on fire, and even one where he is picking up Jill Valentine off of the ground with his aforementioned bazooka.

We also see a variety of other characters in these screenshots, too. As you would expect, Jill and Carlos Oliveira show up in a variety of different pictures along with other characters like Brad Vickers, Mikhail Victor, and many others. In fact, Capcom released separate character art images for many of the characters that will be showing up in Resident Evil 3.

One other thing to mention is that the Hunter enemy type from past Resident Evil games will also be returning here in RE3. Hunters are one of the most iconic enemies in the RE series and resemble a combination of a reptile and a human being. You can see what the Hunters will look like in this game thanks to these new stills, too.

You can check out all of the new images released by Capcom today in the gallery down below. Resident Evil 3 is set to launch later this spring on April 3 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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