Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, Not Very Golden

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, Not Very Golden

width="340"Shipping today is Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. We know it may be buried under all the other games of interest this week, but if you haven’t tried Resident Evil 5, now is a good time you do. It’s just too bad Capcom couldn’t cut you all a better deal.

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition includes all the greatness of the original game, plus all the DLC that has come out since its release. This DLC includes Versus mode (released last year), the two extra chapters, the two costume packs, and the mercenaries reunion mode. All for $49.99.

However, you’re not getting any special price cut with this package (unfortunately), as you can get all this for a dollar cheaper via Xbox 360 download, or even cheaper with a used copy of Resident Evil 5 for PS3 and Xbox 360. Let me break this down.

  • Xbox Live’s Games on Demand Resident Evil 5 download = $29.99 (or a new hard copy for the same price)
  • Versus mode = 400 Microsoft Points ($5)
  • Mercenaries Mode = Comes along with downloading any of the following.
  • Lost in Nightmares = 400 Microsoft Points ($5)
  • Desperate Escape = 400 Microsoft Points ($5)
  • Costume Packs = 160 Microsoft Points ($2) x2

This adds up to $48.99, almost the same price. The extra dollar I suppose can get you the special shiny box with a hard copy of the game. I know some people prefer hard copies. You can also figure out how much cheaper it would be with a used copy. So, I definitely recommend checking this game out, but it’s unfortunate a rerelease of a year old game couldn’t lower itself in price.