Resident Evil 6 is Coming in November

Resident Evil 6 is Coming in November

It’s official: Resident Evil 6 is coming on November the 20th. had been up for a few days, teasing us of an announcement while flashing scenery full of dilapidated vehicles and homes. Well, that announcement turned out to be just what we here at DualShockers and other media outlets were expecting: Capcom’s flagship franchise will get its next numbered installment this year. Announcement trailer after the jump. And yes, there’s plenty of creepy action and a hint of suspense contained therein.

The game will hit the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. One of the most notable aspects of the new title is that Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield will be playable in the game’s story mode for the first time in series history. The dual storyline will follow Leon as he faces a U.S. President transformed by a bioterrorist attack and Chris as he travels through China on assignment from the B.S.A.A. Capcom has made a point of telling us that the game takes on a large scale. The whole world’s in danger here, not just one city or region as it has been in previous Resident Evil games.

No word yet on what Capcom has up its sleeves to revolutionize the series, as its employees have said in the past that this newest title will need to freshen up the Resident Evil formula.

Resident Evil 6 will have to reinvent the series with another full model change or else it won’t be able to keep on going,” Shinji Mikami, one of the producers of the original game, told The Official PlayStation Magazine a couple of years ago.

Resident Evil 4 was the last title to take a drastically different direction than the games that came before it, focusing on action-fueled gameplay instead of the survival horror elements that defined the series before. It also had very little to do with the Umbrella corporation and its biological experiments and only featured two characters from the Resident Evil games we’d played before.