Resident Evil 6 Makes Good With 3 DLC Gameplay Modes

on September 11, 2012 3:32 PM

Capcom today announced the details of their Resident Evil 6 post-launch DLC gameplay modes. The first, titled “Survivors”, pits players against the horde. Any player who is killed by the horde will respawn as one of the enemies. Killing two human players will grant the enemy player a chance to resurrect as a human. As the name implies, the winner is the last human standing.

In Predators mode, one player will control the Ustanak, the blond-haired B.O.W. that Jake Muller fights at the end of his demo campaign. Human players will work together to take down the big ugly, or at the very least survive until the game ends. Lastly, in siege mode, players will choose their side as they aim to escort and protect an NPC, or kill the very same NPC. Each mode will support up to six players and will all work on the same maps as Mercenaries mode (meh). Further DLC will add maps to mercenaries mode, so that will obviously add maps to the other modes as well. No schedule has been stated for the DLC modes so far. Resident Evil 6 will infect your gamer friends on October 2nd, keep an eye out.

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