Resident Evil 6 Puts Players in the Seat of Evil

Resident Evil 6 Puts Players in the Seat of Evil

Capcom announced earlier this week that an additional campaign featuring Ada Wong that unlocks after completing the three main campaigns for Chris, Leon, and Jake.

Also included in the game is a opportunity for players to take control of zombies in the new online mode called Agent Hunt. This mode allows players to infiltrate others game sessions as a zombie with the aim of trying to eliminate human characters.

The mode is unlocked once any of the campaigns are completed, which unlocks Agent Hunt stages for those campaigns. When starting a session, players can choose whether to allow Agent Hunt. The hunter has the ability to see which players are allowing the mode and then choose which game session to infiltrate. When a hunter dies they will respawn and up to two hunters will be able to join an Agent Hunt session to take on one or two players.

A hunter must eliminate an agent to achieve victory. The player that is eliminated will see a game over screen that is similar to the one seen when players lose to standard CPU controlled enemies. The game will also continue as normal when a hunter drops out of a game providing for an experience that is seamless to players of the campaigns.

This is a brilliant twist that seems to makes use of Left 4 Dead and Demon‘s Souls gameplay mechanics to provide a different experience for fans of Resident Evil.