Resident Evil 6 Will Support 8 Player Co-Op, 70,000 Zombies

on January 23, 2012 10:30 AM

There has been a trickle-down of new Resident Evil 6 information courtesy of Xbox Live Marketplace. According to these details, RE6 will have both offline and online multiplayer modes. Offline mode will support two-player co-op and online mode will allow the teaming up of as many as six or eight players, depending on the selected mode. Details on the campaigns for multiplayer mode are still unknown.

The game’s official Twitter account has been going nuts since the game’s announcement, dropping more nuggets of information as time wears on. According to the feed, the Resident Evil 6 has been in development for two years and a demo will be available in the next few months. “Tall Oaks,” the new outbreak site for RE6 where fans will play through Leon’s part of the story, is populated by 70,000 zombies “a bit different to what [players] may be used to; we’ve been promised that the game’s zombies are unlike any we’ve encountered throughout the entire series. The game will sport a “survival horror element” and the control system has been “overhauled.”

Resident Evil 6 is due out on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC this November.

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