Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero DLC Delayed

Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero DLC Delayed

Today, Capcom announced that it has delayed its upcoming free Not a Hero DLC for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard out of its previously planned release sometime in Spring.

According to Capcom, the reason for the delay comes down to that the content was simply not at the level of quality it knows its fans expect and deserve, and in order to make sure it delivers a “great experience,” it needs more time to improve and polish.

In an accompanying video that featured some of the game’s team personally letting fans know themselves about the delay, Director Koshi Nakanishi added:

“And we got close to completing the game content. However, in light of the incredible reception to the release of Resident Evil 7, we concluded that this DLC was not good enough to meet those high expectations.”

Producer Masachika Kawata further added:

“Our aim is for this content to match the high quality of the main game, so we need more development time in order to achieve that goal. Rest assured we’ll use this time to create something our fans will love.”

Finally, executive producer Jun Takeuchi chirped in and mentioned that the team is working on a further piece of downloadable content, something that had been previously confirmed.

Resident Evil 7 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Below, you can check out the video message for yourself: