Resident Evil’s Ada Wong and Chloe From Life Is Strange Are Brought to Life in Cosplay

Resident Evil’s Ada Wong and Chloe From Life Is Strange Are Brought to Life in Cosplay

We can never have too many cosplayers, right? Especially when they actually pull off the look so well. One such cosplayer, Beata Vargas from Russia, nails Ada Wong and Chloe Price

Resident Evil is a hot topic right now due to the title getting a much-anticipated remake – this is reflected with over a million players hopping into Resident Evil 2‘s “1-shot” demo to try it out. Also, another title that that’s hitting the gaming world today is the episodic adventure Life is Strange 2 where we continue the story of Sean and Daniel. Both of these games draw in fans from all over the world, especially cosplayers who love nothing more than to take the time and effort to make themselves look like a character from these iconic titles.


One such talented cosplayer called Beata Vargas from Russia not only dresses up as Ada Wong from the original Resident Evil 2 but also as Chloe Price, the deuteragonist from Life is Strange which I have to hand it to her, both characters are extremely convincing. If you played the 1998 version of Resident Evil 2, you will remember Ada Wong, the corporate spy and trained assassin who seemed to get a lot done in her iconic red dress and heels. In the Resident Evil 2 remake, Ada is just about recognizable due to the developers wanting to tone down her previous sexy look, which you can see below.


Chloe Price is instantly recognizable by her bright blue hair that hangs down from her beanie. Beata recreates Chloe’s look right down to the long sleeved tattoo on her left arm, Chloe’s trademark white tank top, a cigarette in hand and of course, that moody teenager expression. This isn’t Beata’s only gig as she’s a girl with many faces – some of these personas include Marian Hawke from DragonAge, Crystal Maiden from Dota 2 and Ciri from The Witcher. 


You can browse through these and many other characters over on Beata Vargas’ Instagram page and see what other characters you can find among the masses. Just a heads up, some are NSFW.

While we are only just starting off 2018, game releases are in full swing. As of today, Life is Strange 2 episode 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC and if you haven’t already, you can pick up Resident Evil 2 for PS4 or Xbox One right now.

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