Resident Evil : Desperate Escape Available This Week!

By Jon Ireson

March 3, 2010

Ever since Capcom’s hints and nods have been noticed, gamers were anxiously, desperately hopeful for an add-on like Lost in Nightmares.  Now that its been released and we’ve all had time to get our hands into it, Capcom is ready to follow up with Desperate Escape, the latest downloadable chapter for Resident Evil 5.  Read more for what to expect from the latest RE5 Pack.

The new story mode chapter, fully compatible with the online 2-player co-op seen throughout Resident Evil 5‘s story mode, will consist mainly of a thrilling action sequence in which Jill Valentine and Josh Stone escape the Tricell facility in the darkness of the night.

Where Lost In Nightmares took us back to the mansion and classic, suspenseful atmosphere of the series, Desperate Escape brings us a new chapter in the modern Action-oriented theme the Resident Evil series has taken since the fourth iteration.  Jill will be free of her mind control device and with Josh Stone’s help will race to assist Chris and Sheva in their final showdown with Albert Wesker.

New costume packs are also available.  Desperate Escape releases today for Xbox Live and tomorrow night for PlayStation Network.  For those of you who haven’t jumped in yet and need a Resident Evil fix until something new is announced, you can pick up Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition March 9th for $49.99 which will include the original game plus all download chapters on a single Blu-Ray for PS3 or the Original game on DVD with token for download content for Xbox 360.  PC Gamers of Resident Evil 5 will have to wait an unknown amount of time for this as Capcom has yet to announce any plans to bring the content to PC.  It is likely to come at a later time though.   For more information check out Capcom’s Official Blog Post.

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