Resident Evil Project Resistance First Images Leaked

Project Resistance looks like it could be another multiplayer title set in the Resident Evil universe.

August 29, 2019

Capcom announced Project Resistance this morning, a new game in the long-running Resident Evil series that will be formally revealed on September 9. Ahead of that date though, some of the game’s first screenshots have now seemingly leaked, giving us an idea of what the game could be.

As found through a YouTube thumbnail preview site, the images of Project Resistance feature a variety of characters, specifically, ones we haven’t seen in the Resident Evil series before. In total, we see four characters, two of whom are male, and the other two female. Some additional pictures then show some of these characters wielding weapons like shotguns and pistols.

Judging by these images, Project Resistance looks like it could be some sort of multiplayer game. Specifically, one that might feature four-player co-op based on the number of characters that we’re seeing. This wouldn’t be the Resident Evil series’ first attempt at multiplayer, either.

Perhaps the most notable entry in the series to incorporate multiplayer would be that of Resident Evil Outbreak, which released all the way back in 2004. Outbreak saw you playing as different citizens within Raccoon City as the T-virus initially began to spread. While we don’t know what Project Resistance will be just yet, these leaked images have a similar vibe and seem to feature more everyday citizens. Maybe the new game will be a sequel of sorts to Resident Evil Outbreak.

Regardless of what the game ends up becoming, we’ll find out for certain in about ten days. Project Resistance is set to come to PS4, Xbox One, and PC when it releases.

Below you can check out the leaked images if you’re interested.

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