Resident Evil Remake Will Feature Improved Graphics and Lighting, Choice Between Control Scheme and More

on October 9, 2014 7:49 PM

Capcom briefly went over the graphical improvements and changeable control scheme for their remake of the GameCube version of the first Resident Evil title at the “World of Capcom” panel, coming out early 2015.

The game will feature HD graphics, plenty of upgrades to textures and details, updated character models, a Bloom Filter and depth of field, as well as an improved lighting system. It will also support widescreen and the camera will constantly track the character on-screen to maintain that feature at all times.

There will also be a new Easy Mode that gives more health and attack power to help ease in new players. However, the game will still retain its challenge and you can and will still die plenty. Players can also choose between the original “tank” controls and the more modern control scheme used in the current generation of Resident Evil games.

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