Resident Evil: Revelations 2’s Director, Creator and Art Director Discuss Game Design and Claire Redfield’s Art Direction

on February 24, 2015 12:29 PM

To celebrate the launch of Resident Evil: Revelations 2, the director, creator and art director spoke a bit on the game design, Claire Redfield’s art direction and a few other interesting topics.

The director and creator discuss the gameplay differences between Claire and Barry’s sections in the same episode.

Since Claire was kidnapped and brought to the island, she starts off largely unprotected and must find weapons and ammunition as she progresses. Of course Barry came in willingly so he has access to a larger variety of weaponry.

Another interesting factoid brought up is that since Barry comes in later than Claire and Moire, anything that Claire has done with puzzles or environments will affect his environment as well and vice versa.

Meanwhile, the art director spoke about both Claire Redfield and the Afflicted’s designs. Claire’s main color scheme is still red but because she is a 32-year old woman, her outfit does not feature any midriff baring. He is currently open to releasing DLC outfits for her, however. Also, the artist avoided making her CG art excessively beautiful to better match the game.

Afflicted are former inhabitants of the island who have been experimented on and turned into the physical monstrosities you see in-game. Their egos have also collapsed and there is no hope of mental rehabilitation for them. If you look at their models, you can see traces of the bodily torture inflicted on them.

A lovely little gallery of concept artwork and final CGs for both Claire and the Afflicted can be seen below.

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