Resident Evil Revelations Demo Now Available Everywhere

Resident Evil Revelations Demo Now Available Everywhere

If you haven’t checked out the Nintendo 3DS eShop lately, especially you North American readers, the playable demo for next month’s Resident Evil Revelations is live and ready to go. The five-minute romp through a biohazard-ridden ship stars series mainstay Jill Valentine as she goes on assignment for the B.S.A.A. I won’t go into too much detail so as to not ruin anything, but I will say this: If you like to invert the y-axis for camera movement or aiming, do it at the title screen because it will cut into your play time once you boot up the software.

For a full list of the other software available through the eShop today, join us past the jump. Or for more Resident Evil news, here’s the announcement trailer for Resident Evil 6.

 3DS eShop:
Look ‘N Chase – $2.99 (G-Mode)
Resident Evil Revelations playable demo – Free (Capcom)

Gaia’s Moon – $2 (EnjoyUp Games)
Anne’s Doll Studio – $5 (Gamebridge)

Revelations gets its full retail release Feb. 7 and I’ll be on review duty for this one. We’ll also have demo impressions for you over the weekend.