Resident Evil Revelations Mansion Concept Detailed by Capcom Unity Podcast and Iwata Asks

on January 23, 2012 4:00 PM

The inaugural Capcom Unity podcast and Nintendo’s regular Iwata Asks feature both gave substantial coverage to the upcoming Resident Evil games. While the Big N president focused solely on the coming 3DS survival horror title, Capcom gave equal attention to both Resident Evil Revelations and the recently announced Resident Evil 6.

What’s probably the most interesting piece from both interviews is that the Queen Zenobia, a cruise ship where much of Revelations takes place, was originally meant to be a mansion floating in the middle of the ocean. While Capcom U.S.A. immediately squashed that idea, opting to turn it into a cruise ship, the reasoning behind it is explained by Revelations Director Koshi Nakanishi, saying he makes games “with haunted mansions in mind.”

“Resident Evil surprises you, somewhat like a haunted mansion,” he told Nintendo’s Iwata.

The Japanese development team worked on the concept until folks at the U.S. office chimed in.

“The concept for Revelations, it was actually just a floating mansion,” Capcom community manager Seth Killian said. “That was the concept. It was just a mansion at sea. Capcom U.S.A. forced them to change it to a cruise ship.”

Of course, why shouldn’t the dev team behind the first Resident Evil game for Nintendo’s stereoscopic handheld strive to make the game feel like players are exploring a haunted mansion? After all, that’s how the series got its start. Perhaps Jill Valentine’s comment that she feels as though she’s waking up in a mansion in the Resident Evil Revelations demo is a nod to the concept.

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