Resident Evil Revelations’ New Five-Minute Trailer Divulges a Few Key Story Points

Resident Evil Revelations’ New Five-Minute Trailer Divulges a Few Key Story Points

If you want to remain pure for the February release of Resident Evil Revelations, you might want to stay away from the video embedded below. For nearly five minutes the trailer explores the circumstances under which Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield are aboard the Queen Zenobia. We’re introduced to one of the game’s villains, shown some of the abominations aboard the vessel and learn about one of the primary drivers of the plot, which ties this title to the main series quite nicely.

If you don’t want to spoil anything for yourself, stay on this side of the jump. While everyone else is having a blast with the trailer, go ahead and download the demo for your 3DS. Don’t worry: No spoilers there.

After experimenting with parasites and extreme genetic testing, it looks like Capcom’s going back to using viruses as the basis for the monstrosities that will appear in this latest Resident Evil game. The T-Abyss virus, it seems, is a mutation of the T-Virus first introduced in the first title. The bioterrorism organization we see is plotting to contaminate 1/5 of the world’s water with the virus, which we see thrown into a tank of fish, which immediately causes a frenzy.

Scenes of Jill swimming through flooded areas of the U.S.S. Queen Zenobia make me think we’ll see plenty of aquatic mutations, something missing in much of the series thus far. Yes, Leon faces a huge alligator in the sewers during Resident Evil 2 and Del Lago in RE4, but the scope of underwater creatures present in most other games in the franchise is pretty narrow.

The entire purpose of the T-Virus in Resident Evil was to create the Tyrant species of supersoldier, so maybe the abominations seen onboard the S.S. Queen Zenobia are botched T-Abyss soldiers? There’s no way to say for sure, but given the trends we’ve seen with the series’ villains since Resident Evil 4, it’s probably safe to assume the leader of the bioterrorists in the trailer isn’t the head honcho of the operation. Remember Salazar and Irving from 4 and 5, respectively?

I guess I could stop my speculating and let you get to the trailer, huh? Feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments. The footage was acquired from the Resident Evil 15th anniversary event in Japan, so that’s why you’ll see Japanese subtitles throughout the footage.