Details on New Resident Evil 5 Characters

As posted earlier this week, Capcom is bringing back the ghosts of Resident Evil’s past in Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition/THE MERCENARIES REUNION. Not only can you explore the horrors in Spencer’s mansion, but you can play with iconic characters from the Resident Evil series. S.T.A.R.S members making a return to the series are Alpha Team’s weapon specialist Barry Burton and the sole surviving member of Bravo Team, rookie Rebecca Chambers. Both characters bring their own customized weapons and talents as you battle your way thru hordes of the diseased.

All characters are made available for The MERCENARIES REUNION by downloading various DLC that will be released in the coming days from Capcom. Barry Burton and Excella Gionne will be available with the DLC Lost in Nightmares ( 2-17-10 Xbox/2-18-10 PS3 ), Chris Redfield (Heavy Metal) and Sheva Alomar (Business) with the DLC Character Pack 1 ( 2-17-10 Xbox/2-18-10 PS3 ), Rebecca Chambers and Josh Stone with the DLC Desperate Escape ( 3-3-10 Xbox/3-4-10 PS3 ), and also Chris Redfield (Warrior) and Sheva Alomar (Fairytale) with the DLC Character Pack 2 ( 3-3-10 Xbox/3-4-10 PS3 ). If you don’t already have Resident Evil 5, be sure to pick up Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition on March 9th which includes all DLC.

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