Resident Evil Showcase To Reveal Details About RE8

Resident Evil Showcase To Reveal Details About RE8

Werewolves and zombies are on the way in the Resident Evil showcase.

The Resident Evil series has had its ups and downs over the nearly 25 years of its existence. However, now it’s almost undeniable that the series is having a resurgence in both popularity and quality ever since the terrifying Resident Evil 7: Biohazard brought the series back to its roots in 2017. Today, Capcom announced that it would be hosting a Resident Evil showcase to show off the next game in the series and even more RE news.

Announced on Twitter today, the event will be held virtually on January 21 and will be hosted by Brittney Brombacher of What’s Good Games podcast fame. The showcase will feature a new trailer for Resident Evil Village as well as new gameplay footage from the game. The trailer for the event also mentions “more news related to the Resident Evil franchise.” When this was mentioned, a logo sporting a large number 25 and text that reads “Resident Evil 25th Anniversary” appears. Hopefully, Capcom intends to celebrate the history of the franchise with something special.

Based on a leak from Capcom in November of last year, it seems as if we don’t need the Resident Evil showcase to know that the next installment will be coming out in April of this year. However, Capcom has not officially said anything about its release yet other than it’s slotted for this year.

Resident Evil Village made its debut into the gaming world at the PlayStation5 reveal event last June. It’s unclear if its place in the video among other PlayStation exclusives means that we won’t be seeing Resident Evil on the Xbox Series X|S at launch. It would be the first console-exclusive entry in the franchise since Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube. That said, RE4 ended up on just about anything with a screen so who knows.

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