The 7 Resident Evil Side Characters Who Need Their Own Game

After Carlos stole the show in Resident Evil 3, here are the other series' characters that I think deserve their chance to shine.

April 14, 2020

While playing through Resident Evil 3 for review, I was constantly impressed by everything Capcom did with Carlos Oliveira. I never had the pleasure of playing the original RE3 release, but I’d always heard mixed reactions surrounding the U.B.C.S. soldier. In the remake, I was left wanting to know more about Carlos, wishing they’d added a few other segments that let you play as him.

This got me thinking about how good the Resident Evil team is at creating intriguing side characters with stories that I want to explore even deeper. Obviously, below is my personal list of the Resident Evil characters that I hope will get their own game. If you have some of your own, feel free to sound off in the comments.


Billy Coen and Rebecca Chambers

Okay, hear me out. Yes, Billy and Rebecca had starring roles in Resident Evil 0, but if there are any two starring role characters that need more screentime, it’s these two. Rebecca is one of the more interesting characters in the entire Resident Evil series. She’s a child prodigy thrown into a biological warzone. Seeing her next to hunky super commandos like Chris Redfield makes her appear incredibly weak. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The younger B.S.A.A. operative is a hyper-intelligent chemist who has more than proven herself in several different zombie conflicts. The way she’s portrayed as a relatively innocent young girl makes her stand out in the sea of macho commando-types that make up most of the Resident Evil character list. She doesn’t necessarily need to be playable, but we need more Rebecca in future RE games.

Billy, on the other hand, needs another game. The former prisoner was last seen heading into the Raccoon City woods just before the Arklay Mansion incident. Did he survive? If so, what in the world is he doing? Surely, a former marine with experience fighting the undead would come in handy in a time of need. Honestly, I had a lot of hope that Billy would reappear during the events of Resident Evil 7. A derelict Louisana plantation seemed like the perfect place for a man like Billy to hunker down and restart his life. Maybe Resident Evil 8 will finally bring us some closure.

Luis Sera

Unlike Billy, Luis’ fate is much less ambiguous. The way Saddler’s scorpion tale bursts through his chest left no doubt. While we’re on the subject, where does that tail go? It’s like 15 feet long and while Saddler’s robes are relatively bulky, you’re not hiding an extra-long pointy appendage under there. Even if you assume it sucks up into his bum, it still doesn’t make any sense.

That aside, Luis is one of the more interesting characters in Resident Evil 4. He’s a renowned biologist who helped research Las Plagas. After seeing the effects of the virus, he turned against Saddler and his cult, helping Leon take them down. With him being dead in the series’ canon, his game would probably be what happens with him before RE4. Of course, this being Resident Evil, there’s nothing saying he can’t just pop back up in RE8 as a fun surprise. Either way, Sera is one of two characters from RE4 that I’d like to see make a comeback.

Barry and Moira Burton

Again, two characters who have been playable before in Resident Evil Revelations 2. However, their story ends with a super intriguing plot point that I really want Capcom to dig into more (spoilers for Revelations 2 ahead). At the end of Revelations 2, the Burtons have adopted Natalia Korda to their family. What they don’t know is that Natalia has had the digital consciousness of Alex Wesker implanted inside her. The game ends with a hint that Wesker might slowly be gaining complete control.

Plus, why not get more of Resident Evil’s best dad? Listen, dad jokes are in right now and there’s no one better than Barry at delivering cringeworthy quips. From famous lines like “Jill Sandwich” and “Master of Unlocking” to his ridiculous moveset from Resident Evil 5’s Mercenaries mode, Barry is a socks and sandals combo from being your weird uncle. Please Capcom, give us more of him. Moira is less fun, but if we can’t get a playable Barry, I would also accept seeing her embarrassment anytime she has to be around her dad. Like, give me a scene of Barry and Moira at a diner with Barry trying and failing to make jokes to the waitress. It would be the icing on the cake.

Josh Stone

The legend himself. Above I talked a little bit about Barry Burton’s moveset in RE5’s Mercenaries mode, but he has nothing on Josh Stone. Capcom basically took all of your favorite WWE stars’ signature moves and gave them to Josh. It’s amazing. He can take zombies to Suplex City, throw a Macho Man-like elbow drop, and even deliver a chokeslam that would make The Undertaker shed a tear. There just isn’t a more over-the-top character than Josh Stone.

Now, that introduces the concern that maybe he doesn’t fit into the more grounded direction the series is trending in. And maybe you’re right. However, I’d love to see what they could do with him in a modern RE game. He is so absolutely ridiculous, that it seems a shame to contain him to just one game.

Carlos Oliveira

The inspiration for this list, Carlos is such a joy in the Resident Evil 3 remake. His sections feature some great callbacks to RE2 and are a blast to play through. He comes equipped with an assault rifle and a mean right hook. After playing relatively stealthily as Jill Valentine, you just get to unload into zombies with Carlos. It’s one of the most satisfying feelings I’ve had in the RE games.

His story after RE3 is pretty much a complete mystery. He says goodbye to Jill and is never seen from again. That’s a shame. He was never going to be Leon levels of awesome, but the way Capcom just discards playable characters like Billy and Carlos needs to stop. Obviously, you can’t just reuse every character in every game, but the world needs more Carlos and less Chris. Maybe that’s controversial, but I want more variety in my Resident Evil.


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