Resident Evil Supports PS Move, But Not For You

With PlayStation Move on the horizon, gamers everywhere have been hearing Sony proclaim from the mountain tops how they have so much support for the motion-sensing peripheral said to be “a new platform” by the gaming giant. I got to play on the PS Move at E3 2010 and, though I did enjoy myself and believe the controller to be a truly great idea, I did have some issues with one of the announcements made during the Sony Press Conference. The way it went down left a sour taste in my mouth, and I feel like I need to speak up about this. If you are a Capcom “fan-boy” I advise you do not continue past this point without covering your eyes.

If you are one of the people, like myself, who picked up Resident Evil 5 when it launched, you know that the game had a great lasting effect on most gamers who touched it. Soon after the release of Resident Evil 5, the Versus DLC pack brought the ability to play online with up to three of your friends in team-based combat or free-for-all death-matches. After already achieving platinum status on this great game in the first 10 days of its release (check my trophies list), I was compelled to pick up this DLC pack and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although, it was certainly not the best online multi-player I have ever played, it was fun and served its purpose well. Then the other DLC packs came out which everyone has their own opinions about, as well.

But what really got me up in arms about this issue was a little thing called PS Move Support. This was announced to be implemented via free title update to Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, but what about good old Resident Evil 5 regular edition? This may be a misleading marketing campaign meant to garner more sales for RE5: Gold, and support for the regular edition may indeed come, as well. However, I get the strong feeling Capcom actually expects me to buy RE5: Gold and that’s not happening!

Why would I throw the money I spent on DLC for RE5 into the toilet by picking up a disc that already includes all of the DLC, not to mention the losses I’ll be taking getting the original disc off of my hands. If Capcom goes through with no support for the original RE5, then what they are doing here is disrespectful to their most loyal of fans who picked up the game day one (or at least in the year of its release!). Add this in with the new Japan PS Move bundle from Capcom and Sony, which will include the PS Eye, PS Move, and Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition; enough to play RE5: Gold on Move right? Wrong, you will require a PS Navigation controller in order to play this game if you want to experience it properly. This bundle will save you money, but will also be pointless if you don’t have about $29.99 (or the equivalent in Yen) more hanging around.

Capcom, I love you, but this is just non-sense. Dead Space 2 is looking better and better every day. Watch your back.

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Jon Ireson

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