Resident Evil Umbrella Corps Gameplay Video Accompanied by Shoutcasting Released

on October 7, 2015 11:33 PM

We have our first good look at Resident Evil Umbrella Corps’s gameplay in a video published today on YouTube by Capcom. The video shows the 3rd person shooter in action as the player takes on both zombies and other human characters in this new multiplayer-focused Resident Evil title.

The main game mode shown off has no respawns and the scythe weapon shown in promotional images is referred to as the┬áBrainer. It doubles as both a one-hit kill melee weapon and a way to climb walls. An “Analog Cover” system is used to describe making your way around corners or up from a lower level, and you can also use the infected as a meat shield temporarily.┬áThe Zombie Jammer is an essential piece of equipment as it keeps zombies around you from rampaging against your team.

The whole game is very fast paced, with quick movement speed both in and out of cover. You can enjoy the video, which contains commentary by two “shoutcasters” below.

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